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AVAST Free Antivirus

Dell Laptop Fan Control Program


Google Chrome

Open Office


8510p Drivers

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 April 2015 Servicing Stack Update for Win 7 and Server 2008 R2

 Windows 7 Won’t Update? Here’s What to Do

AVAST Free Antivirus

Free for a year after you register it, then next year register for free again,,, and again etc.

» » » When you downnload it you may want to uncheck the boexs that ask if you want Google Chrome and Google Toolbar. Also when you reister it and click enter

you will want to click on the link to "Stay with basic protection" and NOT the "Try Internet Security for Free" button, assuming you want only the free services.

Dell Laptop Fan Control Program fan program

Youtube video for using fan control program.

Mozilla Firefox Browser Download Page

Google Chrome Browser Download Page

Open Office, Free Alternative to Microsoft Word, Download Page

File Conversion Online

A cool web sight for converting file formats online.... Example... convert .docx to .doc format so Office 2000's Word can read an Office 2007's .docx file

Convert Images, Documents, Audio Video...etc



Just check the box of the program or application you want to load and it will do it for you without any tool bars or add-on programs. Latest version from the publisher's official site.