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24 Years In Business at the Same Location

Over 31 Thousand Served!

We are now an online parts store only, eBay at this point.

We do not do service work.

Please do not Call. For the remainder of 2020 the store is only being used only as an eBay storage area.

The owner will be engaged in family matters needing his complete attention.


Over 31 Thousand Served!

If you have a question about a part please email me --->>

ebay store @

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Computer Parts, Bare Bones Computers, Various Other Items


There are bare bones computers on the eBay site.

Look under Local Pickup in eBay store.

Serving Central & Eastern Kentucky Since 1996

Open By Appointment Only

Contact us thru eMail or eBay message system if it is about an eBay purchase pickup.

If you buy something on eBay and want to pick it up

in the store, please use the eBay message system to contact us before or as soon as

you make the purchase otherwise it will ship out the same day in most cases.

If you want to drop off electronics for recycling feel free to do so at any time.

Leave items on the back porch, they will be delt with to ensure sensative data is wiped.

If you have a question about a part please email me --->>

...... Bare Bones Computers & Parts Prices

Clarence C. Brewer, Owner CET, EIT

908 Liberty Road, Lexington, KY 40505

Please eMail us with parts requests.

Vist our eBay store for parts and barebone computers.

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